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Courses und Seminario's
The CourseProgram is available as PDF
for download (PDF):
CourseProgram EasterTango festival 2017
At Oster Tango 2018, we offer a mix betwen workshops and seminars.
The seminars are progressive and focussed.

Note on the choice of level:
Everybody is free to judge their own dance level:

Level 3 is for very advanced dancers and tango teachers.
Level 2 is a good dance niveau
Level 1 is for pupils with some dance experience (1-3 years)

If you don't know the teaching couple, we recommend you to choose a lower level.
If the course is called Volcadas 3, for example, this means that Volcadas will be danced and taught, but not that Volcadas will be introduced. The teachers will already expect a good knowledge of Volcadas.
If the course is titled as "introduccion" the theme stated will be introduced.

  • 1 lesson: (90 min.) per person CHF 37.-
  • Seminario SVS (3 Std.) level 1, 2, 3: Technique for women, CHF 74.-
  • Seminario CJS1 (4.5 hours) level 2: Vals & Milonga, CHF 111.-
  • Seminario CJS2 (12 hours) level 3: Structure, connection and musicality, CHF 296.-
  • Seminario RSS (12 hours) level 2, 3: Tango, Vals & Milonga, CHF 296.-
  • Seminario FSS (9 hours) level 2,3: Forms of Embrace, CHF 222.-
  • Seminario GMS (9 hours) level 2, 3: Movements: soft & slow, explosive & rapid CHF 222.-
  • Registration only in couple.

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