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12 th International TangoFestival OsterTango 2011 in Basel
Once again it was over all too soon, the 12th International Easter Tango Festival 2011. The warm spring sun shone not only in the sky over Basel but also in the hearts of all of the dancers, helpers and visitors. We hope that each one of them experienced their own sunshine moment.
Look through the photos and enjoy with us the highlights and passionate moments, and also look forward with us to next year… from the 5th to 9th April 2012, the 13th International Tango Festival Easter Tango 2012
Warmest regards, Cecile & Romeo
Our thanks go to
  • the musician Otros Aires and Sexteto Soledad
  • the dance couples Noel Strazza & Pablo Pugliese, Sabrina & Ruben Veliz, Aoniken Quiroga & Majo Marini, Esteban Cortez & Evelyn Rivera, Milena Plebs & David Palo, Fausto Carpino & Veronica Toumanova, Joachim Dietiker & Michelle Marsidi und Kaspar Fischer & Lorrena Bonavia.
  • the , Samy Ahmed, Fausto Carpino, Florin Bilbiie, Bachar Bitar, Roberto Garcia Britos,Irma Gross, Roberto Lehner, Peter Moetteli, Oscar Moyano, Ivo Parushev, Martin Schaffner, Marie Antonine Woutaz, Udo Zwilling
  • Hansjoerg Betschart for the co-ordination the Show "Tango Tracks" at Saturday and to Denise Geiser for the Presentation
  • Technician of the theatre
  • Technician Walter Schneider
  • commercial artist Patrick Richterich
  • the host Herr Cuomo and Team
  • Judith Frei and Team
  • the Videoteam Peter Moetteli
  • Raquel and Munay, Fanna Kolarova and Daniela Fernandez.
  • our Festivalteam, that us energetically supported
Ismael Lorenzo: www.ilphotography.com
Agnieszka Sowa: www.agnieszkasowa.com
Rolf Scheidegger
All rights with the photographer.