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we were so hoping for s. Now it has become a no and we have to accept it.

Our beloved friend and Tango maestro Julio Balmaceda has passed away. We are very sad. All the many beautiful memories are flooding back.

Dearest Julio, do you remember?

Summer 1998 at the Regin in Buenos Aires? That's when we met you and Corina for the first time. A Tanda danced with you and it was clear, we invite this couple to Basel.

And in autumn of the same year (at that time we communicated with our new fax), we invited you as a young, dynamic couple to our 10th anniversary. Together with our maestros Rodolfo & Maria Cieri, you danced in the Stadtcasino.

This event was so intense!

Do you remember? The long Practicas together with Rodolfo & Maria until the early morning hours in our living room? That laid the foundation for our friendship.

And then the first OsterTango Festival in 2000. Together with Chicho & Lucia, and Gustavo & Giselle Anne, you gave us the courage and the strength to organise our first festival. It was important for us to work with this group for 6 years and to feel your support. You have always brought new concepts and content to Europe; a veritable firework of ideas.

Julio, all these years we visited each other, we visited you in Buenos Aires, you visited us in Gelterkinden. Do you remember? The Asado in the snow at Christmas? Our excursions? Our discussions about the world, and of course, the tango.

Julio, you gave us strength with your positive perception of the world, and with your tango you profoundly influenced our dance; our working sessions were intense!

And then the break in 2007, when you decided not to come to the OsterTango Festival that year. We couldn't understand, and we had a big argument. Afterwards it took long discussions in Buenos Aires, but they paid off and strengthened our friendship.

Julio, do you remember? 2002 in Sardinia? You visited us during our family holidays. In the evening, where we told you of our dreams of tango holidays in this great hotel, you got up, marched to the reception of the hotel and returned with the sentence "Next year we will organize tango holidays here together".

And how we enjoyed the holidays with you and Corina and all your fans!

Also in the last years together with Virginia.

Yes, our shared love for Sardinia. A month ago we were together for the last time. Had we known beforehand that you were so sick, then we would have stopped you coming. But you probably wouldn’t have accepted that. You were with us and enjoyed the holidays. We thank you for letting us be with you again.

Julio, you were a man of life (and sometimes a Diva), you let us participate in this life, you showed us the most beautiful spiral movements and emotions, you gave us your laughter and your affection and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Ccile & Romeo

On sunday the 1st december 2019 from 2.30PM to 3.30 PM
Roberto, Romeo & Cecile invite you to a celebration
in memory of Julio
at our Studio Clarahofweg 23, Basel.