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Dear Tango devotees
This festival is dedicated to the 5 elements! Water, Fire, Air, Earth and TANGO!

We and our dreamteam cordially invite you to the 21st international tango festival
OsterTango 2020 from 9th - 13th April 2020 We look forward to many visitors who celebrate with us.
Romeo & Cécile and the festival team
The unique tango festival OsterTango combines marathon and festival and takes place at the Volkshaus in the heart of Basel.
Shows, Seminars and workshops with Chicho Frumboli & Juana Sepulveda, Ruben & Sabrina Veliz, Fausto Carpino & Stephanie Fesneau, Guillermo Barrionuevo & Mariela Sametband and Jonathan Saavedra & Clarisa Aragón.
Orquestras: Tanghetto, Solo Tango Orquesta, Sexteto Solo Tango
Special Guest: Silvia Ceriani and Pepa Palazón.
The course for beginners: Lionel Wirz & Isabel Brumann.
Tango-Exhibition from Giulia Fonti

LivePartys and the over 60-hour long marathon guarantee dancing around the clock.

Thursday is dedicated to the element "Water", Friday to the element "Air", saturday to the element "Fire" and sunday to the element "Earth".

PDF Downloads for printing:
EasterTango Festival 2020 Course program
EasterTango Festival 2020 Event Program
EasterTango Festival 2020 Advance booking
in Basel 9th to 13th April 2020

1. Events
• Event Program/Prices
• Tickets
• Thursday: Festival Opening
• Friday: TangoConcert for dancing
• Saturday: TangoShow
• Saturday: TangoNight
• Sunday: Interview "Tengo una pregunta para vos"
• Sunday: TangoLiveParty
• Marathon (TangoCafecito,TangoCaffé Lungo, AfterHour)
• Monday: Closing Party
• DJs at the TangoFestival

2. TangoCourses
• Course Program/Prices
• Course registration
• Tango Teachers
• Introduction for Beginners
• TangoTalk with Silvia Ceriani
3. TangoShop
• Mercado de Tango
• Exhibition from Giulia Fonti

4. Accommodation
• Accommodation

5. Various
• Seminar & event rooms
• FestivalOffice
• General + contact information
• Terms & conditions
• Citymap
• Press information (only with login)
• Supporters and Adds

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OsterTango 2020 Trailer from Lionel Wirz
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